Anushka Sharma a kind women launches new initiative, puts her maternity clothes for an online charity sale

 Anushka Sharma a famous bollywood actress has started a new initiative in which she has put some of her loved maternity clothes for an online charity sale. The profit from the same will support maternal health through a foundation which named as SNEHA. With the help of this initiative, the actress aims to spread awareness about a small behavioral change that can have a huge positive impact on the environment--embracing circular fashion. Taking to Instagram, Anushka shared about her initiative and what it can do for the environment.

Anushka Sharma wrote, "I'm thrilled to launch my new initiative, along with which I've shared some of my favorite maternity wear for an online charity sale, with proceeds supporting maternal health through @snehamumbai_official ... Fun fact: if even just 1% of pregnant women in urban India bought 1 piece of maternity clothing preloved over newly manufactured, EACH YEAR we can conservatively save about as much water as a person drinks in over 200 years!!"

Talking about the initiative, Anushka told Etimes, "This is a very simple way that each of us can live kinder lives. By sharing pieces back into the circular fashion system and shopping preloved, we have a huge positive impact on the environment. During my pregnancy, I thought this phase in our lives is uniquely suited to participate in the circular economy. So I hope we can kickstart this ecosystem together."

She also said, "During my pregnancy, I realised that this transient time is perfect to participate in the circular fashion economy. These are pieces we will wear for a few months, so when I learned more about the resources that go into making them, I thought it was crucial to build an ecosystem through which we can share our clothes and buy from each other."






Meanwhile, Virat and Anushka have been gaining praise from all corners for helping to raise funds for a noble cause. The couple has saved the life of a child by collecting Rs 16 crore. A child named Ayaansh Gupta had a disease called SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). A very expensive medicine was needed for the treatment of Ayaansh, which is worth about Rs 16 crores. To raise funds for the treatment, his parents created a Twitter account under the name 'AyaanshFightsSMA'.

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