From mentions of Deepika Padukone to Salman Khan, 5 memorable moments from Ranveer Singh’s The Big Picture launch

The Big Picture’s launch was nothing short of an extravaganza. Host and superstar Ranveer Singh in his best element recently anchored an electrifying event wherein he gave everyone a small glimpse of what this show is about to bring. Having put up a magnificent show, Ranveer presented a trailer of the format in his dashing andaaz as everybody cheered for him. The day witnessed many incredible moments that got the adrenaline shooting right up in the sky! Take a look at the top 5 moments of Ranveer Singh at this splendid event.

When he revealed the hilarious feeling he gets when he takes long walks with Deepika Padukone!
As Ranveer hosted The Big Picture quiz, a picture of a small puppy appeared on the ‘Big Screen’. Ranveer made a comic analogy that got everyone howling with laughter! The star said that he feels exactly like that little puppy when he takes a walk with his gorgeous wife!

When Ranveer shed light on his own ‘Big Picture’ in life!
The superstar was asked about what are his plans for the future and how would he describe his own ‘Big Picture’ in life. Giving one of his sweetest replies, Ranveer said that having a happy and healthy family with Deepika is the ‘Big Picture’ of his life! He also expressed his wish of entertaining everybody until his very last day on earth!

When Ranveer confessed to looking up to Salman Khan!
As the event progressed, Ranveer opened up about how he got hosting tips from Salman Khan at the sets of ‘Bigg Boss’. He said, “Bhai ne aashirwaad diya hai!” Ranveer also wished for ‘The Big Picture’ to become a big hit, so he could buy a farmhouse in Panvel just like Salman!

When Ranveer got a fan proposal!
Who could resist the charming personality of Ranveer Singh? Certainly not a fan at the event, who went down on one knee to propose to him, despite knowing that he is married to Deepika. Taken aback by this unexpected proposal, Ranveer gave her a witty response as he said, “You are 3 years late!” Helping her back up as a true gentleman, Ranveer made a quip that made everyone roar with laughter. He said, “Abhi mujhe ghar bhi jaana hai!”, hinting at his wife Deepika, who was waiting for him at their home!

When Ranveer confessed to never doing his homework in school!
Being his usual upfront self, Ranveer confessed that he never used to do homework as a child. However, he added that he has extensively done his homework for The Big Picture. He spoke in detail about how he has conducted many mock sessions with the Colors team to bring out the very best of himself!

The grand premiere of The Big Picture is on 16th October 2021 at 8 pm!

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